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The Wedding Duel - Katy Madison What a book fail. Heroine is a moron and hero is a fool. Please god, I need brain bleach. >:(
An Unlikely Countess - Jo Beverley Surprisingly good, though not many love scenes. I liked it, though.
Slow Heat  - Jill Shalvis Great story. But OMG no resolution to make Tag legally Sam's nor how Wade's dad is doing nor their happy ending. GEEZ 3 STARS BECAUSE OF THAT ENDING
Treachery in Death - J.D. Robb Review is being posted on Fiction Vixen soon.
Ascension - Caris Roane THIS IS CRACKALICIOUS!!! GO READ IT TOO!! :D
Breathless - Anne Stuart Only ONE star cuz the ending sucked BALLS. It was abrupt and fucking awful. No conflict resolution when there should have been. No HEA when the rest of this series has HEAs!! >:(
Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley
Blurb: John Murphy is tormented by nightmares. A bestselling young-adult author, he writes the ultimate fantasy: stories where good always triumphs. He knows better. His past has shown him the worst in people—and in himself. When he moves next door to the sexy, vibrant Livvy—a woman completely unlike his usual one-night stands—he's driven to explore every curve of her delicious body.

Pastry chef Livvy knows that giving in to the temptation that is John Murphy won't lead to anything permanent, but she deserves a passionate summer fling. John discovers she's as sweet as the confections she bakes while Livvy slowly unravels his secrets. But what will happen when she uncovers them all?


John is a troubled soul. A man with a devastating childhood he hasn't yet overcome... Livvy is a struggling pastry shop owner. She needs to be loved, as herself.

I found this story to be extremely compelling and wonderful. I admit to having to put down this book several times because there were tears pouring out of my eyes.

John can't absolve himself of his awful childhood and the fears and pain inherent in his guilt, both in people he should have been able to trust and in himself. However, he senses that the world is good, through his books, where good always triumphs over evil. While he spins tales of good versus evil, he also is passionately in lust with Livvy, his beautiful next-door neighbor.

Livvy is learning to become herself. She's a bit stuck in a rut and has yet to find a way out and into the world. She sees her chance in a summer fling with John and so grabs the bull by its horn with both hands, so to speak. She's a pastry chef, owning a pastry shop and

She soon starts to unravel John's secrets and the wall he's built around his heart. She sees the man he is and can be, which scares John shitless. He retaliates the best way he knows how--by being an alphahole. John tries to push her away but Livvy sticks like the thorn on his rose. Though they get waylaid by insecurities, doubts and some worrisome events, they emerge stronger than they were individually and when they first started out, together.

John breaks free of his past, fully realizing, for perhaps the first time, that he is worthy of love and life and happiness. Livvy learns what it means to love and be loved, especially by a man as

Kelley has written a very powerfully evocative story. It pulled at my heart and made me cry. Let me tell you, not many stories, movies, news stories, etc make me cry. This alone made me give five stars to this story. I sincerely felt for John when he past came up and made him break down and give in to his fears and inner demons. However, I was also extremely pleased to see that Livvy wouldn't let him go without a fight and ended up coming out of that fight with John at her side.

Inez, you owe me a box of tissues. And chocolate. I went through half of my stash! :)
Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning *******FOUR AND A HALF STARS********

A totally glorious mindfuck. And I did not like the ending.
A Great Kisser - Donna Kauffman Boring.

Mere Passion

Mere Passion - Daisy Harris **3.5 STAR REVIEW**

What I truly enjoyed about this story was Kai learning all kinds of new things from Alara about the mere people and how they've become an independent, prosperous and solid nation. Kai learns that while the mere are more than capable of taking care of themselves, they aren't above asking for outside help. Though, Alara was *rather* reluctant to do so.

I also liked that Kai learned that it takes more to be human than just having a human body (even though his body is tres sexy). He learns other species think and feel in much more different ways than do dragons and that they are not less than dragons, they are more.

This story has a good pace, action, adventure. Ok, and lots of hot guys. The mere aren't afraid of their sexuality nor are they afraid to express it, which I found very refreshing. However, I did feel like they were oversexed at times--and, perversely, that made me very happy.

I also felt that there were two stories going on and a few key back stories missing. Oy, that sounds like a lot, doesn't it--but it isn't. While Kai and Alara's story was foremost, I felt that it was missing some key elements. For example, what was Kai's childhood like? How did he interact with his family? Why is he so driven to excel--was that something he got from his father, being daddy issues et all?

I strongly believe the shortness of the novel is what brought about the insufficient back stories and sub plot and I know it is hard to put everything you want to write down into a predetermined amount of words (I always get points knocked off for going over in essays and for leaving things out) but I think this was done well. I want to read the next story, cuz I hope it'll be the subplotters' story!! *PWETTY PWEAZ*

******************SPOILER ALERT! STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON"T WANT A SPOILER******************

The story of the vampire and the succubus was secondary, and a huge subplot, at least in my mind--they love each other, but he's doing evil work and she was a subject of that evil work (before meeting him) and she works against him but they still love each other, though he's a bit reluctant to admit it. And yet--I MUST READ THEIR STORY!!! Yes, they MUST have a story written because I am curious to know what happens to them--do they beat the evil shifter-killaz, do they sail off into the sunset? Have bebehs? Live happily ever after, one blood droplet at a time? I MUST KNOW! Daisy, you've made me insanely curious! WRITE THE STORY PWEAZ!

After all this, I shall look forward to the vamp/succubus story *peers intently at Daisy*.
Immortal Champion - Lisa Hendrix This is a great love story of a man, Gunnar, and a woman, Eleanor, who defy the odds to claim and protect their love and to LIVE.

A cursed man, Gunnar lives his life of immortality trying to survive and stay undetected. He cannot die, yet, neither can he live the life of a normal man. He tries to keep his curse a secret, yet must expose it to his love to end the curse and become an ordinary man; one who lives a life of love, regret, love, marries, has children and grows old, eventually dying.

Eleanor is a pretty woman. One who has had to bend her will to that of others, especially men. She yearns for the knight who saves her yet has had to move on with her life... or so she thinks...

Gunnar and Eleanor first meet when she was a child, after he saved her life, sweeping her up and running out of death's way. He leaves, yet she awaits his eventual return to her life though she has become betrothed to another. She knows Gunnar to be a true man--courageous, careful, honorable; everything she knows her intended groom is not.

When Gunnar and she cross paths years later, he sweeps her off her feet, again, to save her from harm. Yet, while she immediately recognizes her while he does not recognize her--but she gives him a clue! They continue what was started all those years ago--an uncertain and slightly uneasy friendship of sorts (hero worship on her part) and it soon blossoms into something more, something quite exactly like love. When trouble heads their way in the form of a vengeful sorceress who tries to kill their love, as well as others who would see them torn apart, they find the true meaning of happiness and love. They understand that love must be nurtured, fought for and won. That love must also be lived.

I really liked this book because it is poignant and so very believable. I want to be Eleanor when Gunnar sweeps her off her feet, when he tells her he loves her and when she realizes the love she has for him is true and everlasting. Ok, and also because I want Gunnar. *swoon*

The love that they have for each other bounced off the pages as a living entity. That's what I loved most--the fact that their love was there</>. It made me want to be there, to know that love as my own.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a great love story and wants to know what happens next.
Scoundrel's Honor - Rosemary Rogers THREE AND A HALF STARS!!

Thought I'd make that evident AA goodreads doesn't allow for partial star reviews.

Good story. Faltered on endings of Russian surnames--yes it bugged me. Also, what has become of Anya? And will Rajih get his own story (hopefully not with Anya)?
Burning Up (Hqn) - Susan Andersen ACTUALLY THREE AND A HALF STARS

The Reappearance of Sam Webber

The Reappearance of Sam Webber - Jonathon Scott Fuqua The Naperville White House is a world built around one man's fantasy. As he is President of the United States (POTUS) and runs a very real and somewhat stable government, he faces the very challenges that the actual POTUS faces and comes to understand just what it takes to run a nation and its very large and very real government. It brings the government into our homes, as a game, as a pseudo-reality, and forces us to realize just what kind of man or woman it takes to make such heavy and serious decisions to ensure our government and nation ensure.

When a terrible event in the real world occurs, it is not the real government that brings up a solution but a fantasy government that does. This government is comprised of many people, yet they are ordinary citizens playing a fantasy RPG (role-playing game).

I truly liked this book because it shows how one man's decisions can change the world, from the Average Joe's perspective. It's a high fantasy world where the Average Joe rules. It's a Role Playing Game (RPG) where real people, using avatars, decide the course and fate of a nation, both at home and in the international stage. Now, it's not just like World of Warcraft, where you compete to finish all the levels by use of brute strength and strategy, but is also a dash of the Sims. However, you'll have to add a huge helping of 'real' politics, a governmental system, and international relations.

Some other things I enjoyed were the players' relations to everyone else, how they interacted and how they came together in a time of crisis. I also enjoyed the citizens learning about the government and how navigating the political waters is not as easy as it looks on the TV evening news or in the newspapers. Even classrooms don't prepare for the reality.

I'd recommend this book if you'd like to read how ordinary citizens learn what the political world is about and how the government operates as it is shaped by their hands.
Four Thousand Miles - Jesi Lea Ryan I really liked this story. The heroine, Natalie Spencer, has had a very bad day and it is topped with a very disturbing and shocking revelation. She reacts badly, driving to the airport and leaving on the first flight for London with nothing but the clothes on her back, purse and passport. She leaves her shattered, messy life behind in a blind attempt to escape.

When she arrives in London, nothing is as it seems. Natalie rides the Tube for the firs time, getting off at a random station so she can sightsee. She runs in to some trouble but is rescued by Gavin Ashby. Gavin takes her back to his brother's flat, as Eliot is out of town for a spell. There, he tends to the cuts and bruises Natalie received whilst trying to escape her would-be attackers.

She starts to feel an attraction for Gavin and is unsure how to proceed, having been burned badly, by her soon-to-be ex-husband. However, Gavin doesn't push her and so she relaxes (as much as possible).

When they leave for Gavin's home, a farm that is partially remodeled as a restaurant, she is surrounded by the beauty of the place and starts to heal and fall in love and lust with Gavin. Gavin, similarly, is captivated by Natalie and starts to fall for her, hard. He has dreams and hopes and fears and Natalie soon realizes that he's not just a good man, but a great man. One she can love.

I also really liked Gavin's siblings, especially Eliot. He's a roguish devil, but so cute. He sees what is the beginning of Gavin's reemergence in to the dating game, which indicated to me that Eliot isn't all fun and games, but a man who is aware of the world and the interactions of others. Perhaps his perceptiveness is what gave me hope, as a reader, that he will find his Happy Ever After.

This is truly a love story that I could dig my mind in to. It has passion, conflict, fun characters, serious moments and amazing realness. I could relate to Natalie and Gavin and their quest to their Happy Ever After was very believable and enjoyable.

I recommend this book to others who like romance, British accents and handsome men! :D
Prelude to a Scandal - Delilah Marvelle From the wilds of England's haute society to the wilds of South Africa, this is a tale that proves love and fun and laughter do all go hand in hand...

Justine is a liberal-minded young lady. A most unusual circumstance for any young lady entering the London Ton. She is loyal to her family and to those she loves. Her love is tested when her father is arrested and offers herself to the one man she deems can save him and restore his freedom, the Duke of Bradford.

His Grace is Lord Palmer's patron and agrees to help Justine free her father... on the condition that they marry once he is no longer imprisoned.

So starts the tale of their journey to an everlasting love and the prelude to a scandal that will turn their and England's worlds upside down and inside out. All, of course, while being hilarious and intense and emotional.

I loved Justine--she's bold, brassy and beautiful. She goes for what she wants and isn't backing down, even when she is afraid. And she is afraid--that her father will not be free. She willingly enters into a bargain with the Duke of Bradford to ensure her father's freedom and sets about proving to him that she is not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of her life. Nor will she accept anything less than Bradford's love.

Bradford reminds me of a reticent chap--one who is afraid to be himself, nor comfortable in his own skin, around anyone. He guards himself and his emotions, so he is never disappointed. However, he knows Justine is the one to thaw his wall of ice and get him back to the world of the living. Bradford is also a hunk. Yes, a HUNK. H. U. N. K. I do love hunks. Especially hunks who are baffled by their women and the love that they have for them.

Throughout most of this story, I laughed, cried (yes, I admit it) and... MAY HAVE snorted wine out of my nose, though I make no such claim. *ahem*

I would definitely re-read Prelude to a Scandal when I want something fun and witty to get back into the reading mode and I recommend this book to those who like laughter in their romances.

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