Prelude to a Scandal - Delilah Marvelle From the wilds of England's haute society to the wilds of South Africa, this is a tale that proves love and fun and laughter do all go hand in hand...

Justine is a liberal-minded young lady. A most unusual circumstance for any young lady entering the London Ton. She is loyal to her family and to those she loves. Her love is tested when her father is arrested and offers herself to the one man she deems can save him and restore his freedom, the Duke of Bradford.

His Grace is Lord Palmer's patron and agrees to help Justine free her father... on the condition that they marry once he is no longer imprisoned.

So starts the tale of their journey to an everlasting love and the prelude to a scandal that will turn their and England's worlds upside down and inside out. All, of course, while being hilarious and intense and emotional.

I loved Justine--she's bold, brassy and beautiful. She goes for what she wants and isn't backing down, even when she is afraid. And she is afraid--that her father will not be free. She willingly enters into a bargain with the Duke of Bradford to ensure her father's freedom and sets about proving to him that she is not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of her life. Nor will she accept anything less than Bradford's love.

Bradford reminds me of a reticent chap--one who is afraid to be himself, nor comfortable in his own skin, around anyone. He guards himself and his emotions, so he is never disappointed. However, he knows Justine is the one to thaw his wall of ice and get him back to the world of the living. Bradford is also a hunk. Yes, a HUNK. H. U. N. K. I do love hunks. Especially hunks who are baffled by their women and the love that they have for them.

Throughout most of this story, I laughed, cried (yes, I admit it) and... MAY HAVE snorted wine out of my nose, though I make no such claim. *ahem*

I would definitely re-read Prelude to a Scandal when I want something fun and witty to get back into the reading mode and I recommend this book to those who like laughter in their romances.