Immortal Champion - Lisa Hendrix This is a great love story of a man, Gunnar, and a woman, Eleanor, who defy the odds to claim and protect their love and to LIVE.

A cursed man, Gunnar lives his life of immortality trying to survive and stay undetected. He cannot die, yet, neither can he live the life of a normal man. He tries to keep his curse a secret, yet must expose it to his love to end the curse and become an ordinary man; one who lives a life of love, regret, love, marries, has children and grows old, eventually dying.

Eleanor is a pretty woman. One who has had to bend her will to that of others, especially men. She yearns for the knight who saves her yet has had to move on with her life... or so she thinks...

Gunnar and Eleanor first meet when she was a child, after he saved her life, sweeping her up and running out of death's way. He leaves, yet she awaits his eventual return to her life though she has become betrothed to another. She knows Gunnar to be a true man--courageous, careful, honorable; everything she knows her intended groom is not.

When Gunnar and she cross paths years later, he sweeps her off her feet, again, to save her from harm. Yet, while she immediately recognizes her while he does not recognize her--but she gives him a clue! They continue what was started all those years ago--an uncertain and slightly uneasy friendship of sorts (hero worship on her part) and it soon blossoms into something more, something quite exactly like love. When trouble heads their way in the form of a vengeful sorceress who tries to kill their love, as well as others who would see them torn apart, they find the true meaning of happiness and love. They understand that love must be nurtured, fought for and won. That love must also be lived.

I really liked this book because it is poignant and so very believable. I want to be Eleanor when Gunnar sweeps her off her feet, when he tells her he loves her and when she realizes the love she has for him is true and everlasting. Ok, and also because I want Gunnar. *swoon*

The love that they have for each other bounced off the pages as a living entity. That's what I loved most--the fact that their love was there</>. It made me want to be there, to know that love as my own.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a great love story and wants to know what happens next.