Four Thousand Miles - Jesi Lea Ryan I really liked this story. The heroine, Natalie Spencer, has had a very bad day and it is topped with a very disturbing and shocking revelation. She reacts badly, driving to the airport and leaving on the first flight for London with nothing but the clothes on her back, purse and passport. She leaves her shattered, messy life behind in a blind attempt to escape.

When she arrives in London, nothing is as it seems. Natalie rides the Tube for the firs time, getting off at a random station so she can sightsee. She runs in to some trouble but is rescued by Gavin Ashby. Gavin takes her back to his brother's flat, as Eliot is out of town for a spell. There, he tends to the cuts and bruises Natalie received whilst trying to escape her would-be attackers.

She starts to feel an attraction for Gavin and is unsure how to proceed, having been burned badly, by her soon-to-be ex-husband. However, Gavin doesn't push her and so she relaxes (as much as possible).

When they leave for Gavin's home, a farm that is partially remodeled as a restaurant, she is surrounded by the beauty of the place and starts to heal and fall in love and lust with Gavin. Gavin, similarly, is captivated by Natalie and starts to fall for her, hard. He has dreams and hopes and fears and Natalie soon realizes that he's not just a good man, but a great man. One she can love.

I also really liked Gavin's siblings, especially Eliot. He's a roguish devil, but so cute. He sees what is the beginning of Gavin's reemergence in to the dating game, which indicated to me that Eliot isn't all fun and games, but a man who is aware of the world and the interactions of others. Perhaps his perceptiveness is what gave me hope, as a reader, that he will find his Happy Ever After.

This is truly a love story that I could dig my mind in to. It has passion, conflict, fun characters, serious moments and amazing realness. I could relate to Natalie and Gavin and their quest to their Happy Ever After was very believable and enjoyable.

I recommend this book to others who like romance, British accents and handsome men! :D