Mere Passion

Mere Passion - Daisy Harris **3.5 STAR REVIEW**

What I truly enjoyed about this story was Kai learning all kinds of new things from Alara about the mere people and how they've become an independent, prosperous and solid nation. Kai learns that while the mere are more than capable of taking care of themselves, they aren't above asking for outside help. Though, Alara was *rather* reluctant to do so.

I also liked that Kai learned that it takes more to be human than just having a human body (even though his body is tres sexy). He learns other species think and feel in much more different ways than do dragons and that they are not less than dragons, they are more.

This story has a good pace, action, adventure. Ok, and lots of hot guys. The mere aren't afraid of their sexuality nor are they afraid to express it, which I found very refreshing. However, I did feel like they were oversexed at times--and, perversely, that made me very happy.

I also felt that there were two stories going on and a few key back stories missing. Oy, that sounds like a lot, doesn't it--but it isn't. While Kai and Alara's story was foremost, I felt that it was missing some key elements. For example, what was Kai's childhood like? How did he interact with his family? Why is he so driven to excel--was that something he got from his father, being daddy issues et all?

I strongly believe the shortness of the novel is what brought about the insufficient back stories and sub plot and I know it is hard to put everything you want to write down into a predetermined amount of words (I always get points knocked off for going over in essays and for leaving things out) but I think this was done well. I want to read the next story, cuz I hope it'll be the subplotters' story!! *PWETTY PWEAZ*

******************SPOILER ALERT! STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON"T WANT A SPOILER******************

The story of the vampire and the succubus was secondary, and a huge subplot, at least in my mind--they love each other, but he's doing evil work and she was a subject of that evil work (before meeting him) and she works against him but they still love each other, though he's a bit reluctant to admit it. And yet--I MUST READ THEIR STORY!!! Yes, they MUST have a story written because I am curious to know what happens to them--do they beat the evil shifter-killaz, do they sail off into the sunset? Have bebehs? Live happily ever after, one blood droplet at a time? I MUST KNOW! Daisy, you've made me insanely curious! WRITE THE STORY PWEAZ!

After all this, I shall look forward to the vamp/succubus story *peers intently at Daisy*.