The Reappearance of Sam Webber

The Reappearance of Sam Webber - Jonathon Scott Fuqua The Naperville White House is a world built around one man's fantasy. As he is President of the United States (POTUS) and runs a very real and somewhat stable government, he faces the very challenges that the actual POTUS faces and comes to understand just what it takes to run a nation and its very large and very real government. It brings the government into our homes, as a game, as a pseudo-reality, and forces us to realize just what kind of man or woman it takes to make such heavy and serious decisions to ensure our government and nation ensure.

When a terrible event in the real world occurs, it is not the real government that brings up a solution but a fantasy government that does. This government is comprised of many people, yet they are ordinary citizens playing a fantasy RPG (role-playing game).

I truly liked this book because it shows how one man's decisions can change the world, from the Average Joe's perspective. It's a high fantasy world where the Average Joe rules. It's a Role Playing Game (RPG) where real people, using avatars, decide the course and fate of a nation, both at home and in the international stage. Now, it's not just like World of Warcraft, where you compete to finish all the levels by use of brute strength and strategy, but is also a dash of the Sims. However, you'll have to add a huge helping of 'real' politics, a governmental system, and international relations.

Some other things I enjoyed were the players' relations to everyone else, how they interacted and how they came together in a time of crisis. I also enjoyed the citizens learning about the government and how navigating the political waters is not as easy as it looks on the TV evening news or in the newspapers. Even classrooms don't prepare for the reality.

I'd recommend this book if you'd like to read how ordinary citizens learn what the political world is about and how the government operates as it is shaped by their hands.