HellFire - Kate Douglas HellFire is a hellishly good ride, and Alton is delicious. Actually, he's an over six-foot tall, well muscled, beautifully delicious dirty martini and he's all mine, (Didja hear that, Kate?)

We met Alton in DemonFire, when he met Dax, a former demon, during his and (his human soulmate) Eddy's trip to Lemuria, an alternate dimensional world, Dax and Eddy were looking for help in fighting the demons and he decided to help them save the worlds from Demonkind. Now he's back and is the hero of HellFire, with Ginny as his heroine. He'd developed a strong attraction to her and she to him, forcing Alton to send her to Sedona via a mental suggestion.

Alton returns to the scene in this new adventure, where he discovers himself, his purpose, and his love. He also discovers the truth about his father, the real history of Lemuria, and some uncomfortable truths about himself.

In DemonFire, he, Dax and Eddy all have crystal swords with dormant spirits of past Lemurian warriors. Only through their honor and bravery will these swords awaken to help their owners in the epic fight of good versus evil.

Now, for the good stuff: This story was well-crafted to continue the DemonSlayers saga, as it picks up where it left off, with everyone having survived their horrendous battle with the Demon King and several surprising changes. We also see Alton's attraction to Ginny has not waned, but rather flourished with her absence, an absence which he forced on Ginny with mental suggestions and a steamy kiss *fans self*.

Ginny is in Sedona, visiting relatives she doesn't really know nor like. Her aunt doesn't like her, but she and her cousin have developed a tentative friendship. Ginny also doesn't understand why she's there in Sedona, just that she knew she "had to go there".

Well, Alton and Ginny meet up again, when Alton discovers unsettling knowledge that the demons are entering Sedona through a newly discovered vortex and are possessing wildlife (a new development as they'd only possessed inanimate objects in the previous novel).

And the passion? Yes, it's hot. H-O-T HOT! Alton has never known a woman such as Ginny, a fiery, independent, in-charge-of-her-own-life woman. She's got a job, money of her own and refuses to be owned by any man, especially Alton. Alton is everything she despises, or so she thinks: he's overpowering and overwhelming. And incredibly sexy.

Ginny is everything Alton is NOT looking for in a mate, yet she's everything he admires and desires: confident, brave, beautiful... Oh, and she's just like him--at least, when it comes to origins.

She meets his father on their disastrous and fruitless trip to Lemuria, she finds out she's somewhat like the Lemurians, in more ways than one... They also find out some VERY interesting information regarding the true history of Lemuria, why it was moved to its current location and where the female warriors have gone. Ginny receives her own crystal sword and she and Alton escape to Earth, with the aid of a few soldier friends.

She and Alton make a surprisingly new friend in a veterinarian in Sedona, try to figure out where the demons are coming from, what they want, and are still trying to defeat the Demon King.

Ginny and Alton also overcome their differences and struggles with who they are and what they want to be, both individually and as a couple, to find that love can conquer doubts and fears. They also learn to listen with their hearts as well as their minds.