Susie's Choice - Barbara Elsborg Susie's Choice is about a woman (Susie) and two hot men, the Yank, Joel and Christian, the Brit. I loved this so much I actually wanted to BE Susie, minus her tragic past.

Susie is a bright, intelligent and pretty woman. She lives at home with her father and brothers, taking care of them and preparing their meals and cleaning their home. They also take her for granted. Susie's also a virgin who's never known the touch of a man, yet she yearns desperately for Joel and Christian, the men whose house she cleans.

Joel is a Yank who has an image to maintain: rich, successful, fun, smart, straight. Oh yes, his employer is conservative and he's never come out of the closet to them.

Christian is a Brit who knows he's gay and admits it--he's also an erotic romance writer and his pseudonym is Raphael Strange. An apparently good one, as Susie's just read one of his books and gets excited. Very excited.

Joel and Christian are lovers, yet they want Susie to join them on their erotic adventure and become their family as well.

After some nasty comments and a shocking revelation, she and Joel sleep together, then she sits on Christian's lap the next day and makes it with him. Then they all three play together. The sex scenes are off the chart--very hot and steamy and very fun. They manage to maintain their senses of humor in the face of lust.

Then... everything goes south, or seems to: Susie has a scare that sends her to the hospital, her father disapproves strongly of her relationship with Joel and Christian and her brothers don't really seem to do much other than take her for granted. At least Joel and Christian know what it is to love and take care of someone.

However, Joel has to go back to the States early, and is afraid of asking Christian and Susie to go with him, thinking that they're better off together in England while he walks the lonely road. Susie and Christian, however, have a very different idea--they WANT Joel to be with them, but they don't know how.

Eventually, they do figure it out and are glad they did. Joel gets over his fear of loving and being let go, as Susie and Christian vow to never let that happen--that their love is absolute. They prove it to Joel, through their words and actions, just how much they love him.

They're all three able to stay together because Joel marries Susie and Christian gets a job in the States (and gets a work visa). Susie's made up with her family and her father and brothers accept her relationship with Joel and Christian--at her wedding.

I enjoyed this book a lot. Joel and Christian are hawt. HAWT! Susie's character is someone you can relate to, although I think her health issues AND the incident with her mother is a bit over the top. I also found the HEA to be somewhat lacking, as you can read that Susie's made up with her family but there is no real backstory or scene for this resolution. The menage has always been a favorite of mine and thankfully it is not overkill in this book.

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