Strong, Silent Type - Lorelei James What a great read! We finally see Quinn and Libby McKay, the reasons behind their dysfunctional marriage and their eventual and beautiful reconciliation and renewal of their love.

Libby wanted children, she was determined to have them at any cost, even if it meant her husband. Quinn wanted to give her what she wanted, but he didn't want to lose himself or them in the process.

A run of bad luck, Quinn's interfering mother and several scorching love scenes and resolutions to their marital and personal problems later and we see that some marriages CAN make it through the rough times and become fruitful.

I think this story was absolutely well-written and the emotions were well-expressed. I felt both of their pain, joys and their triumphs over family members and their own distrust of themselves and each other.

I recommend this book to my fellow readers.