Starfire (Demon Slayers, #3) - Kate Douglas The third in the Demonslayers series, Starfire gave us a great story of love, redemption and revenge.

Selyn is one of the Forgotten Ones, a whole class of female warriors who were the reason why the Lemurians were so successful in wars past. Now, they are tossed aside and left to become miners... Essentially forgotten by the Lemurians who consider themselves "upper class". However, the Forgotten Ones haven't forgotten, nor have they forgiven.

Dawson is a really cool man who brings his compassion and knowledge of life and healing to his story of true love. He's a good man, with a good heart. He's also Selyn's chance at bringing the Forgotten Ones out of their bonds of slavery and true love and the freedom that it brings.

I really liked the story between these two, especially as Selyn overcomes her obstacles and learns to love while learning to trust a man. I felt that this was a great way to bring all the players to the front.

It made me think about how I'd feel if I were forgotten, abandoned to a life of misery and servitude. I knew I wouldn't like it one bit and I was angered for their sake. I wanted to go right up to Alton's father and strangle him slowly and mercilessly for his ineptitude as a leader and as a man.

Now, it was a bit slow in certain areas, but I plunged right on, and saw the characters develop. I also got to read about them kicking ass and taking names, which is always a good thing, as I do so love a kick-ass heroine (and hero!)!

All in all, I felt that the story, while slow at times, was strong and the most emotional of all the Demonslayers books.

I thank Ms. Douglas for this great read and I hope to see these wonderful characters in the future (HINT HINT, KATE).